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Hi, I'm Megan. This is my catch all Permissions+HMD for Simon from Misfits. Please feel free to critique my playing or ask questions here as well as communicate and seek permissions.

Contact: [ profile] squishyfeet
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Name: Megan
Timezone: GMT 10+
Personal Journal: N/A
Player Contact: SquishyFeet
Characters in Game: Dave Strider

Name: Simon Bellamy
Canon: Misfits
Age: 19
Truthfully? Simon won't handle it very well at first, but he'll adapt. He's going to go between being totally freaked out, a little creepy and eventually warm to the atmosphere. His world isn't full of particularly friendly people, he should eventually come out of his shell and enjoy himself.
Species: Human
Canon Point: S02E06 - After being kicked out of home.
World/Setting: N/A
History: History
Personality: Simon is a guy who blends into the background with ease, and not just because he has the power of invisibility. He's meek, soft-spoken and extremely socially awkward. He doesn't make friends or conversations easily, but it's not for lack of trying. Simon, under his silences and sullen responses, is genuinely sweet and cares deeply for people around him. His ability to go unnoticed means he's able to pick up on things other people miss, and he often surprises his friends with details he remembers and emotional cues he picks up on.

At times, Simon can be unstable and it is said that he spent at least a short amount of time in a psychiatric ward. He's extremely hard on himself and often cracks under the pressure of his own anxieties and unchecked, unrealistic fantasies that he indulges himself in. He often toes the line of being an inappropriate creep, suggested by the fact that he very deeply considers taking advantage of a drunk Kelly and uses his powers to watch the girls in his group change, but he seems to grow out of it once he develops stronger friendships and stops living in his heads. His reactions, when threatened or hurt, can sometimes turn violent. He doesn't hesitate to kill their social worker when she crosses him and threatens to turn himself and his friends in to the police. He can be ruthless and unstoppable when something threatens to come between him and the friends he found. Despite this, he's a strong moral compass for the group and often finds the confidence to speak up if he feels that they're being unfair or doing something too illegal for his tastes. Even when he fully intends to burn down his bully's home, he can't stand the thought of killing the cat that did nothing to him.

Patience is a virtue for Simon. He is able to endure a great deal of teasing, scorn and exclusion before he snaps and truly gets mad. He's willing to tolerate a lot to feel even a little bit included in the group, and strives to find a deeper connection between them all for a long time before they begin to accept him for who he is. He repays simple gestures with great amounts of care and kindness, like the video compilation he made Kelly when they believed Simon passed away. His eventual turn to Superhoodie is also a reflection of how far he'll go to protect people he cares about.

His interests are pretty nerdy. He likes a wide variety of music, he makes references to things like X-Men and Superman and seems to enjoy comics, he enjoys taking videos of anything and everything and matches it to music sometimes. His fondness for taping everything is both useful and perceived as creepy, but it shows how much quiet observation he can get away with. He has a flair for dramatics most of the time, even if it's subtle. He can become a little cliche and cheesy when he starts to become self-righteous about something.

Though he remains shy and soft-spoken, he still finds his niche within the gang and forms close bonds with everyone in it. They become just as fond of him as he is of them, and their flaws and strengths compliment one another (even if they very often enable themselves as well). He earns their respect and affection through his patience, persistence, unwavering loyalty and his ability to step up and fight when the time comes.

Abilities/Weaknesses: He has the power to turn invisible at will for an indeterminate amount of time. His weaknesses are his friends, his massive insecurities and feeling exposed.

RP Samples: One


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